The Worlds First Full Color 3D Printed Orthotics are now available. After a while spent doing R and D we are now open for business. We have purchased the first HP multi jet full color 3D printer. This not only allows for high accuracy custom orthotics but a whole new level of customization.So why should you try?

Marketing – Having your own logos and colors on your orthotics means your clients will never forget where they got them from.

Compliance – If you like something your are more likely to use it. This is especially important for children. Have kids pick there own color or design from any image the want. Simply just upload the image when uploading the prescription.

Presentation – Orthotics are expensive. People pay good money for them. Most orthotics labs now days package in bags. We have premium boxes together with branded instructions for a feel that makes the seem like they are work the money.

Customization – Now with not only having full color but being able to 3D print them means we can have almost any design. Striations, holes, colors, flex points and more.
Help – We are here to help you. If you would like something we don’t have them all you need to do is ask. If you need help with prescriptions then all you need to do is ask.

Leader – Being in the lead of innovation is always important. Its and a great for yourself and great for your clients. Its also great for your business!  3D printed full color orthoitcs are the next evolution of 3D printing, and having the Worlds First Full Color 3D Printed Orthotics in your client would only be beneficial.