In the last 2 weeks, we have been working on an Update to our Orthotic Portal ordering experience. Things always take time to develop and websites are not the easiest part. There is a lot of R and D and trial and error involved in this. A lot is also down to the capabilities of the websites template and having a developer which is also not cheap. Every orthotic lab is different and so making it easier to prescribe is a big help.  So what have we done?

Update to our orthotic portal prescription layout

It’s hard having a drop-down template to prescribe from. We know this and originally it was not our first choice, but it was all our website allowed. We have now extended it out into 4 columns with specific prescription zones. This makes it easier to keep track of the options you have put, increases the speed of ordering and less chance of mistakes.

Speed I think it the key to prescribing as nobody wants to sit there filling out forms. This is also where our quick script comes in. A preset short template that will probably be your most common prescription pad.

Order history Search Function

This was always on our priority list. Search by name for all old orthotics orders. Keep track of when people got their last orders, or reorder an old pair. We have also updated the search function in the patient’s tab to have more search functions

Recover Option

To keep track of orthotic recovers we have a recover option in the new order tab. When you post them back simply order what covers and additions you would like. Then keep track of where your order is via our updates.

Order materials

We have a range of Eva colors in 3mm available for purchase. We also stock 0.6mm Black vinyl. They are currently on sale reduced from $15.99 to  $7.99 for a1m x 1.5m sheet plus post.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us!