We use a wide range of top covers to suit your patients needs orthopaedic and lifestyle. Where you need extra cushioning, something slim, something fashionable or something responsive. we have lots of top cover options. If your not sure what would be suitable then you can always shoot us an email and ask us for recommendations. If something isn’t available all you need do is ask and we will be happy to get it for you!

invigr8 etpu foam



    Like every running shoe company on the market high energy return foams are more durable, more comfortable, don’t bottom out, highly elastic and easily cleanable. This is perfect for high risk patients, sports clients, deformity or other. Due to is elasticity if you have it too thick it can become a little unstable and bouncy.This is your ultimate top cover!

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    This is most podiatrists / prescribers go-to cover for their custom or semi custom orthotics.  Available in 2 mm or 3 mm with a range of colors. Its easy to fit into shoes, modify and is easily washable. The downsides are its cushioning durability due to its rate of compression. We also sell this wholesale incase you want to cover your orthotics on your own.

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eva sheets orthotoic covers
Poron top covers for custom orthotics



    Whether its regular or slow release poron is your go to cushion. It has high durability but is not a top cover as it does not do well under sheer forces.  Slow release poron can help go under areas of high pressure that need offloading but still require a soft surface, regular poron can  be used for that added softness to help create a plush feel to your prescription. It is often used under and EVA cover.



    We use upholstery grade vinyl that’s perfect for covering orthotics designed for slim fit orthotics, fashion shoes or sandals. Being very thin and durable it can be placed upon a layer or poron, EVA, or Invigr8 foam to add a classy look but still have adequate cushioning. It can also be used by itself to save space.

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PU orthotic cover for custom orthotics



    Neoprene is synthetic rubber that are produced by polymerization of chloroprene. Neoprene exhibits good chemical stability and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range. Its soft and durable which can make it a great option for diabetics when layered with poron or for Workers who are consistently on their feet.

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