For many new people to 3D printing finding models to print can be a hard task. Designing your own models is almost impossible to produce anything that’s worth printing. Thingiverse is great for 3D models. Simply search on their website for anything you desire and no doubt something will come up. Heres a few ideas for you to down, load and try and print. If you don’t have a color 3D printer you can print some models, and patin them yourself. This can be a great hobby.



A great kids toy, or print, paint, and collect them all. Thingiverse has a wide range of different characters for the popular tv show. I’m sure you won’t run out of them anytime soon. Heres a link to one of the most popular ones


Although sports are on hold right now a whistle can still come in handy. Use it to train your dog. Try it for safety at night. Out on the boat, a whistle is mandatory. Then why not have one ready to go for when sports do return. Heres a link to a good print file. 


Just because you can! Why not have your favorite tv shows as your key ring. Better yet why not your favorite superhero. The possibilities are endless with 3D printing.


Not sure what to give a young one for their birthday? No worries we have the answer! A 3D printed car! why not? You get to enjoy putting parts together and painting. The children then get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Heres a link to a Tesla cyber truck to have a go making. 

Thingiverse is great for 3D models

So, what’s the conclusion? That answers easy. Thingiverse is great for 3D models. There is an endless supply of things to print on this website. Maybe have a go modeling your own thing and upload it on the website to help give back! If you’re in need of 3D printing services let us know. We can even print the object in color if you have a 3MF file. This will save time on painting your object post-printing. Contact us here for more info.