Use Structure Sensor 3D Scanner for easy 3D scanning. Simple attach it to your IPad or iPhone and off you go. This whole new technology opens up a world of possibilities and applications. From simply scanning the foot, to scanning the whole leg. The Structure Sensor 3D scanner attaches to your IPad via a bracket. This enables you to easily take it on and off. There are many different apps available depending on the use and the scanning you intend to be doing.


  • Precise 3D scans in seconds

    Using an app simply go around the whole foot, or are you want to scan

  • Lightweight and portable

    Slimline design makes it easy to carry

  • Built-in battery for 4 hours of 3D scanning

    Long last battery means you wont miss a client


  • STEP 1

    Attach the scanner to your IPad using the easy to attach bracket

  • STEP 2

    Download ‘My orthotic app’ our 3D scanning and orthotic prescription app. Download here

  • STEP 3

    Start capturing your 3D model. Its just that easy

my orthotic app
my orthotic app
Download here


  • Fill the prescription

    After your complete your biomechanical assessment fill the prescription in your online portal

  • Take a scan or some for of negative model

    You can use a 3D scan, measurements plaster cast or foam box.

  • Upload your scan 

    Upload the prescription, scans, images, textures to the easy to use online portal or send them to us.

  • Orthotic design

    From all the info you gave us we will design the orthotic using CAD/CAM softwear

  • Manufacture

    We’ll use our 3D printer to produce your custom insoles. We can apply top covers and additions to however you.

  • You fit them

    We post them back ASAP and you only need to fit them!

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