Sports Performance Orthotics

Want to take your sport to the next level? Having an injury prone season? Our custom 3D sports orthotics will help every part of your performance. No matter what your sport – Golf, running, football, basketball, tennis, bowels, cycling, dancing, our custom orthotics can help you.


The foot’s movement when doing a particular sport is is very different to the foot’s movement when walking. For example a foot and legs motion during running compared to the motion striking a tennis ball. Hence a running shoes structure is very different from a tennis shoe.

Sport specific insoles use specific shapes, flexibility, support mechanisms, and materials to work with the foot and lower limb during the specific sport. With sports specific shoes being worn the orthotics are tailored to work with the shoe to aid in helping you perform to your best. The support given by the shoes is also taken into account when designing the orthotics.


The more contact the foot has to the floor, the more neurological feedback the brain gets. This helps the brain know where the foot is. The brain then knows which muscle to tell to contract. The contact therefore helps improve proprio-receptiove feedback and therefore improves balance and stability, helping you keep you on your feet.


The orthotic helps guide the foot in its natural motion rather than blocking it. The dynamic mid-foot has responsive flex patterns that is responsive to your every step and makes sure the foot and body are working efficiently. The makes sure that the correct muscles are working at the correct times. This aims to make sure the foot remains strong, but reduces the risk of overuse injuries. The material helps provide maximum propulsion, durability and support giving you a smooth supportive ride.


Guiding the foot helps decrease deviation of the foot from is natural motion, makes sure the right muscles are contracting at the right time, and keeps you more balanced. the body working with the flexible material helps harness the boys energy  to help give you maximum propulsion. This Keeps the your body travelling in the direction you want it to, meaning you are able to jump higher, run faster, and keep going longer than ever before.


Guiding your body, and preventing muscles from being overused helps you last longer. Giving you the edge no matter what your sport


What ever you sport, our 3D custom orthotic insoles are engineered to improve balance, co-ordination and performance, while reducing the risk of injury, and protecting the joints from impact and excessive wear and tear by improving the bodies alleignment. They also help to increase comfort and performance of your footwear. No matter what your sport – Golf, running, football, basketball, tennis, bowels, cycling, dancing, our custom orthotics can help you.


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