So.. your diary is full with EPC clients and you complain you do no orthotics.


This is something I hear all the time. My diary is full with EPC clients and so I don’t do many orthotics. Most of the time these clinics do 20 minute EPC appointments and make most of their money from seeing 17 of these clients per day. That’s a maximum of about $900 per day.

Time to change how you think

EPC clients a lot of the time come in for toenails, corns and callus. We all know this and it’s what a lot of podiatrists run off. Now what if we change how we think about these clients. They cant cut their toenails due to lack of mobility. Lack of mobility probably means they are a falls risk.  They get corns and callus due to pressure from a biomechanical or musculoskeletal issues.

These issues can all be helped via the use of good footwear and orthotics. So why didn’t you explain this to them and recommend orthotics? Why did you only cut their nails, take off their callous and send them on their way?

The can’t afford it though!

Just because people are on an EPC does not mean they have no money, or are not prepared to spend money on their health. They are seeing you because they want help. The dont want to have a temporary treatment, they want something that will help resolve the issue.

They just told you how they brought a new TV, went on a holiday, spent money at the pokies, got a new car. The reason they say they can’t afford it most of the time, it’s because they don’t value it and believe it will help them. This is down to you, It your job to convince them they will. The same as you need to convince them to put on moisturiser. Just remember, your health is your greatest wealth. You should be educating your clients on this.

So what can I do?

  1. Have a good new patient form that asks they not only about their feet and medical history, but if they have had a fall, if they have fear of falling, if they have back pain, if they had a joint replacement, if they exercise, if they have lower limb arthritis, if they have knee issue, if they have foot pain. At the same time as them this during the consult.
  2. Address these issues and talk about them. What’s more important, their toenails are long or they have had a fall, struggle to exercise and their quality of life is poor due to pain.
  3. Consider 30 minute EPC appointments. This gives you enough to todo a short biomech assessment and do orthotics if needed.
  4. Educate, educate, educate your clients on how much orthotics can help in pain reduction, callus and corn reduction, reduce falls risk by increasing stability and balance.
  5. Don’t trust your people to come back. Once a client leaves you risk them not returning. That’s where the extra time comes in.
  6. Be confident. The come to you because they want help. Think of yourself as a sports coach. It’s your job to TELL them what to do, change their mindset and follow your instructions. If they don’t. You lose.
  7. Get a 3D scanner. scans take 10 seconds. This doesn’t take up much extra time. As soon as you try and plaster you add on 15 mins extra. This just isn’t viable.
  8. Do a thorough job. If your not doing this you should be. Why would you spend 10 mins of a general treatment and not try to help them with other aspects.
  9. Try different approaches. It will take time to get it right. Try different speeches and see how your clients take it. It take practise
  10. Don’t be afraid of the word SALES. Sales means you have done a good job. It means your client is following your treatment plan. It means your going to get good outcomes. Sell your toenails cutting services, sell callus removal, sell moisturisers, sell shoes and sell orthotics. If a client has purchased all of this and done what you have asked, they are your dream client. They are the ones that will get the best clinical outcomes. They are the ones that will give you word of mouth, telling their friends about everything you have done for them.
  11. Word of mouth – if you don’t prescribe orthotics how do you expect to get word of mouth referrals for orthotics. The more orthotics you do, the more referrals you get.
  12. Have products available. Moisturisers, tinea cream, elastic shoe laces, heat packs, magnesium. The more a client invests in their health, the more likely they are to follow your plan.

If you do 2 set of orthotics at $500 you have just made more money than sitting there doing a full day of toenails. That means you can spend more time with clients that need it, more time on working on the business, and more importantly, time with the family.

I hope this helps. Give it a go and see how you get on. Have a target each week and each month see if you can beat it.