Semi-custom sizing

In Australia, people use every shoe sizing system. In the UK it’s easy, they use the UK sizing. In America, they use US sizing. Europ uses EURO sizing. Australia however has a UK history with new US influences.

Official Australian sizing is, therefore, the same as the UK due to history. Nowadays though, if you ask for a size in a shoe store they will bring it to you in US sizing. This is mainly because the US shoe size is written on the shoe boxes in a very large font. Meanwhile, the other sizes are all in small font. Australian sizes are therefore now taken as US sizes.

Because US sizing is now the most common form of sizing in Australia, that is what we work in. That’s said If you wish to have the size in a different system please write what system that is.

Shoe Sizing

Men’s sizes run from USĀ  6 – 14

Womens sizes run from US 5 – 13

Youth sizes run from US 1 – 6

Kids sizes run from US 8 – 13