There are many reasons to order a semi custom orhtotics. If you just want something that is cheaper & quicker to prescribe than the custom orthotics but still good quality, durable and professional. We have pre loaded templates that can be customized, or you can just stick with the pre-made templates. You can order these orthotics without a cover so that you can customize the surface in your own clinic or have us apply a top cover. Even if you dont have a 3D scanner or negative model you can still order 3D printed custom orthotics.


  • Standard Prescription
  • Arch Heights, rearfoot angle & shoe size only
  • 3D Printing only
  • Medical grade
  • Custom covers available
  • Branding not available
  • Half or full length option
  • With a full voxal colour pallet


quick script 3d custom orthotics


Semi customs are a cheaper alternative for clients that need some support but cannot afford a fully custom orthotic. We have preset designs that you can tailor to your needs. Even if you are not a podiatrist but you have an idea of what your clients needs we can help you through it. No need for any negative model but you can still give your clients a product that is professional and effective.


Nobody has to miss out on orthotics if they need them there is options for everyone. Get better results with less clients missing out on that needed pressure redistribution and support. This give you extra options for people who don’t have private health care but need something better than a off the shelf orhtotic or heat mold-able.


We only have this option available in 3D Printed technology. Custom logos and colors do cost extra but are well worth it for the branding and recognition for your clinic.

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