Our quick script orthotics are designed to make life easy. The more choices the more complicated things can be. The longer things can take. Orthotics don’t need to be one of them. Spend more time looking after your clients, less time in front of a computer. This will probably be your go-to  ordering system 80% of the time when ordering. Still 100% custom, a negative model of the foot is still needed to create these. 3D model, foam box, plaster cast or other. The only difference is a shorter less detailed prescription form, meaning more time for you.


  • Simple Prescription
  • Plaster cast or 3D scan
  • 3D Printing or CNC Milling EVA
  • Medical grade
  • Any shape
  • Custom covers available
  • Branding not available
  • Half or full length option
  • With a full voxal colour pallet


quick script 3d custom orthotics


Not every client needs a complicated prescription. We have cut out the bulk of your custom orthotic prescription. The main changes are still in this prescription such as flexibility, rear foot angle, skives, top cover selection main forefoot additions and a couple more. This makes it quicker and a more streamlined process to send off your quick script orthotics order.


Less time wasted on complicated orthotic prescriptions mean more time spent with your clients. Prescribing orthotics doesn’t have to be complicated. Clinic branding and coloring is available so that clients get that truly custom feel and always remember where they got them from.


These are available 3D printed or in CNC milled EVA materials. Custom colors and logo’s can be added to the 3D printed orthotics for clinic branding purposes. Custom patterns and textures can also be uploaded for kids or adults alike when uploading the clients scans for a fully custom feel.

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