Prototyping 3D printed parts on the Gold Coast has never been easier. with 3-D printing you can test any parts shape and size before you get it put into production.

what is prototyping

Prototype in his initial testing of a model that has been designed by a cad cam. A prototype usually has towards the end of design functionality. Using a prototype doesn’t necessarily have to be a working example but it can also just be something used for gaining investments. The prototype could be used for images or videos to be put on websites or used for presentations. Prototyping can help save money in the Longrun as you can test your design before putting it into production. Due to this reason they can also help save time.

Types of prototyping

There are two different types of prototyping, incremental and throwaway.

An incremental prototype is one that is made through different versions and with increments of change. These versions are refined And expanded with each new design. This keeps on happening until a final version of the product is achieved.

A throwaway prototype is one that gets discarded after the final design has been reached. The final design is then used to be put in to final production.

Any design and any industry

Here at Motionx with the use of our 3D printer we are able to make your designs come to life. Prototyping is no longer a thing of the past, but is now a thing of today and of the future. We have done many different types of designs for prototypes of many different functions And companies. From auto marine parts to models for new chess sets.

Prototyping on the Gold Coast

We are here if you need Prototyping 3D printing 3-D printingparts on the Gold Coast. contact us at motionx on the Gold Coast. We have affordable models with fast turnaround times.