The same great Invigr8 foam with an antibacterial sports cover. The ultimate high-performance, durable and responsive sport orthotic cover. Theres no excuse for not choosing this for your athlete’s orthotics.

$110 100cm x 70cm x 3mm

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INVIGR8 Sport is The perfeect and recomended cover for your sports orthotics. The same great Invigr8 foam with an antibacterial sports cover.

INVIGR8 etpu foam is the next generation orthotic top cover. It combines closed-cell, and elastic foam beads to provide a number of advantages, compared to regular foams and EVA. The individual INVIGR8 foam beads range in size from 5 to 10 mm and are supplied with a bulk density of approximately 0.27g/cm3. The foam can be used anywhere that involves a combination of lightweight, excellent mechanical properties, and excellent long-term durability.

INVIGR8 etpu foam combines shock absorption and energy return in a unique material to keep your feet, orthotics, and shoes feeling great during even the most vigorous of activities. Etpu foam provides maximum comfort and performance to every step by reducing fatigue from repeated vibration when walking or running. The foam has a 56% energy return for rebounding performance and
an increased feel.

INVIGR8 etpu foam will keep that spring