Orthotic Prescription Support

MotionX is now upping its data base of orthotics prescription support. MotionX have started a new youtube channel in which we will continue to try to increase our educational videos. Our video’s will run through a few here to give you an idea of what we have. We use fitfoot 360 to design.

Scan correction

This first video we have below we have information on how we can alter scans to optimise them for modelling. We can realign the forefoot, the rear foot in many different ways. Rotation around the 1st, 5th or centre, lifting or dropping the forefoot or rear foot independently.

Scanning with new non weightbearing scanners is hard todo due to not being able to hold the foot properly in a neutral position / suspension. Scanners such as the structure sensor scanner make it very difficult to know the angle to scan at. this help resolve any issues asociated with this.

Heel / Rear Foot Mods

Rear foot control is one of the main aspects of orthotic design. That is why its so important to have it included in Orthotic Prescription Support. Wether it’s the type of posting, angle of support or type of support. Having 3D printed designs mean posting is build in now. There is no need todo extra grinding to add intrinsic posting, or need to add eva for extrinsic posting.

Therefore we can round off edges for a better look, have new types of posting such as horse shoe, tri posting, quarter posting and more. Heel cup size, thickness and height are all now customisable. Posting length can be modified to change flex in the arch or stability at the heel.

Offloading, and surface modifications

With 3D printing and our software all surface modifications wether its additions or reliefs. Using the soft-wear we can odd  surface modifications of any size, shape or depth.

Met domes and bars can either be milled into the EVA or printed in the 3D printed onto the shell. in addition Fascial grooves can be  printed into the shells rather than grinder out after. Using the scans we can overload photos to see the exact placement of them.

Therefore in 3D printed bars can be added to firm up the arch and reduce size of the shell.

Above all, learning your labs design system is important so you can get the most out of your prescriptions. Call us now if you want to lean more about our services or if you need Orthotic Prescription Support. Call Us!