My Orthotic APP

My Orthotic App, 3d scanning App is the ultimate in 3D scanning of the foot and ankle. It makes it easier to take scans, and order your custom foot orthotics.

My Orthotic App is the World’s first 3D scanning orthotics app to not only use the structure scanner, but also the true depth and lidar scanner on the iPad Pro and iPhone. The scanners have up to 0.5mm accuracy. This makes one of the most accurate and in depth 3D scanners available today.

my orthotic app

My Orthotic App also works with the structure scanner and the structure scanner 2. We stock the Structure Sensor 3D Scanner 2 for easy 3D scanning. Simply attach it to your iPad, download our app and off you go. If you’re not a client of ours but want to use our app that’s fine. It works for any digital orthotics lab around the world.

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my orthotic app
my orthotic app


  • Precise 3D scans in seconds

    Using the app simply go around the whole foot or scan your foam box,

  • 3 Scanning Choices

    Use either the structure scanner to 3D scan, Lidar scanner or use the front facing True Depth camera on iPhones and iPads.

    Add photos if you need to for easier marking on areas that you want to offload

  • Email / message / airdrop or however you need to transfer your scans

    The app bundles all of your scans, photos and prescription into 1 zip folder. This folder auto saves on your phone to iCloud, or export it from the app.


  • Register 

    Register first to log in to the app and see all the features that it offers. Experiment all you need the first month is on us!

  • Input your patients data

    Enter your patients name and DOB. Then simply start capturing your 3D model; take your photos and fill out your prescription. Its just that easy!

  • Scan away with your iPad or iPhone

    Attach the structure scanner to your IPad using the easy to attach bracket.

    Or use an apple device with its true depth camera (facial recognition), or lidar scanner.

  • Export your files

    Your files auto-save to icloud so you never lose any data, or directly export them from the app.

my orthotic app
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