Medial Flange and orthotics

Medial flanges and orthotics are one of those features people either like or they don’t. They don’t work for everybody even though we are taught that they will, if they have certain pathologies. That said they can have great effects for the people that can tolerate them. Ideas behind foot support is changing though. Its changing from manipulation of the position to guidance and dynamic support of the foot. So where does the medial flange fall within these ideas? Ato me it works by blocking moment though the mid foot. Is this going to be the best idea for people? More reasurch needs to be done within this.


What is a medial flange?

A medial flange is an elongation of the medial longitudinal arch vertically. It wraps around the medial side of the foot to give extra support. it provides aid to the sagittal plane helping guide the foot straight.

How high should it be?

Height of it is dependant on the foot shape, the shoe and the level of support needed. for example. If the medial part of the foot / navicular overlaps the medial edge of the orthotics then the orthotic may end up digging into the foot if the flange is too high. that said the higher it is the more support you will have up to a certain point

medial flange orthotics

You can bring out the arch of the foot to wrap around the medial part of the foot, but then will it fit into the shoe? You have to think about the same thing when the flange does fit up the edge of the foot. will it fit into the shoes?

What pathologies can you use it?

Medial flanges are most commonly used within tibias posterior dysfunction. They are also used with excessively medial deviated subtler joints and neurological disorders. Medial flange are also part of a UCBL type of orthotic. This type contains less arch support but instead a high heel cup with a medial and lateral flange.