Marketing orthotics. Where do you start? So many people try to Market orthotics. What makes your orthotics different though? How can you get a good response from it? which form of marketing is the best?

Having spent thousands on this marketing and advertising I hoped to give some of my experience on this. Let’s start with the best first.

Face to face

Sounds simple. There are lots of forms of marking this way but the old school and cheapest options seem to be the best. To start. Tell you, clients, when you have them in the room. Bringing it up in conversation one on one has to be the best form. You get to tell them, explain what they explain the benefits and make it applicable to their life, shoes, and situation. Face to face is always going to top everything. I have lots of clients that come to my clinic for their orthotics and go to another to have their nails done. If the toenail podiatrist had just educated the client on orthotics, they wouldn’t have missed out.

Phone calls

Calling existing clients that have previously had orthotics. Offer reviews and checkups to get them back in. Mention that its important to get the orthotics checked over each year. If they are children then they may have grown out of their old ones in which case they need updating. This is always going to be best if the practitioner can make the phone call. If not have well-scripted organized answers and responses so that your reception service can call.

Text messages

Text messages haven’t been overdone yet. They’re never going to be as personal as phone calls, and most of the time they will be read. Don’t be surprised though if you need to send 3 or 4 to get a response. People forget or may put it to the side. It’s important to follow it up. and send more than 1.


People are getting more and more immune to emails. If it’s not from a person they know it usually ends up in junk mail or being deleted. That’s not to say it doesn’t work. You should still get some responses from them, but don’t expect as much as the 3 ideas above. Use emails to help with brand recognition, keeping in people’s minds, and updates. For something as important as orthotic updates you need to make sure they receive the message.


Now we’re moving into the new patient territory. You can’t go past having a good effective website. Nowadays it’s so very important. You can’t just have a good website though. It needs to be SEO optimized. What’s the use of having a pretty website if people don’t see it. This is important for your business to get new clients for the long term. It does work!

Google AdWords

This only works if you have your landing pages optimized so that you get conversions. You therefor almost need your website SEO and layout optimized before dealing with google Adwords. That said this can be handy. If you spend $1000 a month on AdWords, you only need 3 sets of orthotics from it to break even. That is highly achievable.

Facebook and Instagram

Social media does not bring in many new clients. They are more for branding exposure and keeping in contact with current clients. This includes having paid adds running.


Events are very similar to social media. They’re great for brand exposure, though they don’t always bring many new ones in.

Sponsoring people

You might have a local champion that you want to sponsor. These can either be hit or miss.  The same with sponsoring a social media influencer. There any many different ways you could agree to sponsor them. One of the best may be social media posts and referrals in exchange for a weekly consult, orthotics, and discount on products. Always try to check their social media following.

Yellow pages

Just don’t bother.

So what’s the conclusion to Marketing orthotics?

Face to face and phone calls are top dogs. You have an existing client base. So use it. Then comes SEO. Put money into this even if its a small amount each week. This is your long term game. Getting a business coach may help you organize your marketing a little better.