Let the lab help user guide

This is our Let the lab help user guide. Let the lab help is an orthotics prescription option for people who don’t prescribe often, are unsure about how to prescribe for a certain pathology, or just need some extra help with their prescription. Physio’s, podiatrists and chiropractors all have the option of using this method of prescription. Using our app can also help make the ordering process for this order option much easier.

Entre in your patient name

This is the easiest part. If your patient is a new patient then press the add patient button. Fill out the name DOB and gender. If they are a returning patient then look them up by clicking on the name menu.



Next move to the assessment section.

Medical history – Please enter all relevant medical history including severity. E.g. high-risk diabetic. Complete neuropathy. Ra with a high level of deformity. This can help us decide on flexibility/density and top cover.

Diagnosis – Please let us know the diagnosis and again the severity. This can help us choose the level of support for the prescription. If there is no specific diagnosis. for example, you are doing it for comfort, then please state this.

Range of motion – Please let us know any restrictions or abnormalities. from the hips down to the feet. This can help us decide on the angles we put within the orthotics and the level of support

Biomechanical abnormalities – Such and a leg length difference of 1.5mm l/leg longer, right foot supination, extreme genu valgum, and so on.

The goal of the orthotics – for example, treat plantar fasciitis, comfort for football.

Shoes the orthotics will go in – This can help us decide the style of orthotics we prescribe. Please be as specific as possible with this and let us know if it will be swapped between shoes.



The images and scans help us determine the arch heights, control, flexibility, and more. When taking the pictures please have the patient standing with feet shoulder-width apart with feet lined up parallel to each other. All pictures and 3D scans are to be uploaded into the upload section at the top of our page. If you are using our app everything will be already packed into a .zip folder. You can also upload any images or logos you want on the orthotics here.

When taking the picture from the back, Make sure we can see the calcaneus angle from behind. A bisection line helps even more. This helps us decide the rearfoot support.

We need to be able to see the arch height with full body weight when standing. This helps us determine the flexibility and the arch fill.

Don’t forget your 3D scans! without them, we cant make them fully custom.



Please note any top cover or top cover color preferences in the finishing preferences box. . Metatarsal domes, bars, forefoot extensions that you may want. If let black the lab will make the decision on this.

In extra notes please list anything extra you may think that will come in useful when we are designing.


Please feel free to contact us via email or WhatsApp at any time. you will get a faster response via WhatsApp.