Kid’s feet are a very different shape compared to adults. Up to the age of 5 they may have little or no arch. Abnormalities therefore need more rear foot control and so a much deeper heel cup is needed, with less of an arch. Our Kid’s model is therefore more of a UCBL shape available up the the size of 12US kids.


Pathologies within children feet are different to an adults. They therefore need different options such as gait plates, anti-toe walker mods etc.  The customization is endless with colors, branding, textures and top covers. You can even upload your texture or image when you put in your order to have printed on your orthotics.


    We recommend 3D printed orthotics when it comes to kids designs. A more supportive customizable material and design. Having colors and design on the insoles allows you to create a product kids love and helps increase compliance


    Any color or color combination, Kids don’t like being different they want to fit in. Having to wear orthotics isn’t always the coolest thing. If they like the colours though it can help with compliance and use giving you much better clinical outcomes


    Kids model orthotics can be don’t up to the size of 12. Above a 12 is generally when they have started to develop an arch. Kids model orthotics can be done bigger though upon request.


    High heel cup. Kids models have more of a UCBL shape to support the rear foot


    2mm EVA cover or no cover at all is recomended. This is dependent on the shoe and if there is a removable insole.


    If you have a full length insole then a full length cover is best. If the shoe has a small toe box then no cover will be fine.

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