Keeping it simple with prescribing

Keeping it simple with prescribing is sometimes said then done. Our mind tells us one thing but in reality it might be different. We have lots of different prescriptions come through our lab. There are so many differences between them even though some are for the same injury. This shows that there are many different techniques / prescriptions that can be used  in order to resolve an issue.

Heres a few things that you might want to try next time

Rear foot control

changing the intrinsic or extrinsic rear foot angle, adding a skive, trying a DC wedge, Using  even on the boarder of and extrinsic post, moving the arch profile more posterior, increasing the arch height, altering the heel cup height, using different shoes

Forefoot controle

changing the intrinsic or extrinsic rear foot angle, changing the lateral arch heigh, changing the arch height, moving the arch profile more anterior, using forefoot extensions, using different shoes

Treating plantar fasciitis

Adding heel raises, changing rear foot angles, changing forefoot angle, changing the arch height, heel apertures.

Treating 1st MPJ arthritis

changing rear foot angles, changing arch heights, 1st met cut outs, reverse morons extensions, Morton’s extension.

Moretons neuroma

Changing rear foot, changing arch heights, metatarsal dome, metatarsal bars

As you can see there are many variables when it come to treating something. Next time your prescribing sit back and think to yourself. Will adding thins make a difference to pain and outcomes? will changing the rear foot angle by 1 degree make a difference? can i get this persona pain free without adding this? will this be comfortable? Can i get them in different shoes so the orthotic doesn’t have to be as big / complex? will it fit into the shoe? can they swap it between shoe?

Most of the time things used are unnecessary and people strive to make the ultimate perfect orthotic that the text book to you to use. In reality much less is needed. Sometimes less is more. its easier to add something to an orthotic than take it away. Keeping it simple with prescribing and you cant go wrong. If you need help feel free to give us a message.