Produce brilliant, full-color functional parts while maintaining optimal mechanical properties. Achieve fine detail and high dimensional accuracy for small features. Accelerate design—create, test, iterate in hours. Produce multiple prototype iterations in the same time it takes to print a single part.


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Printing Materials

Produce strong, ductile, functional parts
• Thermoplastic material delivering optimal mechanical properties.
• Renewable raw material from vegetable castor oil (reduced environmental impact).
• Provides excellent chemical resistance and enhanced elongation-at-break.
•Impact resistance and ductility for prostheses, insoles, sports goods, snap fits, living hinges, and more.

Designed for production of functional and final parts across a variety of industries.
• Provides the best balance between performance and re-usability.
• Easy-to-process material enables high productivity, less waste, and lower cost.
• Engineered to reliably produce final parts and functional prototypes with fine detail, dimensional accuracy.

Produce strong, functional, detailed complex parts
• Robust thermoplastic produces high-density parts with balanced property profiles and strong structures
• Provides excellent chemical resistance to oils, greases, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and alkalies
• Ideal for complex assemblies, housings, enclosures, and watertight applications
• Bio-compatibility certifications—meets USP Class I-VI and US FDA guidance for Intact Skin Surface

Engineered for HP Multi Jet Fusion technology
• Designed for production of functional parts across a variety of industries
• Provides the best balance between performance and re-usability
• Achieves watertight properties without any additional post-processing
• Engineered to produce final parts and functional prototypes with fine detail and dimensional accuracy

Full-color and white quality parts
• Produce functional parts in full color and white with optimal
mechanical properties
• Get consistent performance while achieving up to 80% surplus powder re-usability
• Optimize cost and quality—full color and white functional parts and industry-leading re-usability


Our printable build size is up to 13.1 x 7.5 x 9.8 inches (332 x 190 x 248 mm)

FullBuild Job Aprox 19 hours (print, cool, de-powder ) – Small Build Job as fast as 5 hours (print, cool, de-powder). Building speed is 1,817 cm3/hr

Printer head resolution 1200dpi with Layer thickness 0.08 mm (0.003 inches)

Reduce Environmental Impact

  • Industry-leading surplus powder re-usability

  • Free print-head recycling

  • Up to 80% of the weight of used agent/powder

  • Container is locally recyclable cardboard

  • Renewable raw material: HP 3D High Re-usability PA

HP MJF 3D printing


Come to us with a quote and we will beat the price you’re provide. The quote must have been within the last 6 months and using the same printing machine.