How to Write a blog for Health

This article is on How to Write a blog for Health. People can over complicate things and act like the article is a university exam. For blogs though its almost the opposite. Keeping it simple is the key, especially if its aimed at the general public. These people are usually your target market for your health clinic. The average Joe / Josephine. This means your text needs to be in their language. Heres a few tips on how to optimise your blog for SEO and how to write in the correct language.

Seo (search engine optimisation)

This is probably the most important part. After all whats the point in writing a blog if nobody gets to see it. Your page must show up on google when they search  for your topic. This also helps dictate how the blog layout should be and what language it should be written in.

  1. Use short sentences. Each sentence should be less than 20 words long. This helps make the blog easier to read by breaking it up more.
  2. At least 300 words. Each blog should contain at least 300 words to make google happy. If your blog is much longer than 400 maybe consider making it a 2 part series.
  3. Use subheadings. Use frequent subheadings to break up your text. This way google and your readers can understand your article easier
  4. Don’t use the same word to start any consecutive sentences. Mix it up a little.
  5. Do not use lots of big words. Use layman’s terms as much as you can. Google likes it when you keep things simple. This way google knows everybody can read it and understand.
  6. Transition words. These are words such and ‘therefore’ ‘but’ ‘firstly’. These help improve readability. At least 30% of you text should have one.
  7. Use at least 1 outbound links. Google like it when people share. This helps provide back links for businesses.
  8. Have at least 1 inbound link. Post a link to your booking page or another page thats relevant to your post.
  9. Put an image on your blog. Make sure you put a description, title and Alt text on your images that is the same as your Key phrase.
  10. Using a good key phrase. This is a title for your blog and should be something that people with search for.
  11. Use your key phrase in at least 1 sub heading.It should also be put into the first paragraph and spread out evenly in your text. No more than 3 times in a blog thats 300-350 words.
  12. Download Yeast SEO for your wordpress website. This way you always have help.


  1. Use simple layman’s terms. Pretend that everybody has no background or knowledge of your blogs topic. Use easy words and terms that people may search for.
  2. Make it interesting. Write something that people enjoy and learn from. ie. best running parks, top tips, understanding your body etc. Joe or Josephine dont want to know about the anatomy of your foot. People don’t want to read about boring things. Spice things up and people will come back to your page.
  3. Remember your target audience. How old they are, what gender, whats their hobbies. This will help decide what sort of language your will need to write in. It can also help you decide if the topic relevant to your target audience.
  4. Topics. What do you want to treat? If you want to treat runners write something thats relevant to them; New shoes, avoiding injury, how to get strong to get a PB, best running tracks in the area.
  5. Writing more than one on what you want to treat. Spend the next 6-8 weeks writing blogs about that one thing you want to treat. Cover as many google search terms as you can with these blogs. This you you never miss out.

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