How to get your clients into runners – Shoes, orthotics and psychology

As a podiatrist its important or us to keep up today with new shoes and tech on the market. Knowing what type of orthotics and the amount ion support given will depend on the shoes that they will wear.
As we all know your orthotics are only as good as the shoes you wear them in, ad the better the shoes the better the orthotics you can make.
Personally I avoid prexeibing ortohtoics for anything apart from runners I recommend. The reason being, I know im going to get better results if I can get my client in orthotics and runners.

This is easier said than done sometimes as people love to wear sandals here in Australia. It’s usually its fashion over function, and people complaint about having hot feet. Even the ones that have neuropathy that cant feel temperature.

Id always recommended going to your local sports shop and try on all of the runners there. Make some notes of what’s in stock and what shoe is going to be best for what person and what pathology. Do this every 6 months to keep up with new drops.


How can I get my clients to wear runners?

Education and psychology is key! Heres some tricks to help you educate your. clients.

  • Explain to them, if you purchased a t-shirt, and that t-shirt made your shoulder hurt every time you wore it, you wouldn’t wear it anymore. So if your shoes make your feet hurt, why would you keep wearing them?
  • Everything in moderation. Explain to your client, we want you to wear your runners and orthotics for the times when you’re walking or standing. The times are usually –  at home around the house, cooking cleaning gardening, grocery shopping, going to the gym, going for a walk. These are times when you are in aircon, you don’t need to worry about fashion, and the the times when you’re on your feet the most. If you are going for a coffee, going for dinner, need to dress up for an occasion, the chances are you will be sitting down for those times, so it doesn’t matter what you wear.
  • Explain to them the benefits of wearing runners over fashion shoes. ie. you’re never going to have somebody walk or run a marathon in sandals or fashion shoes. The reason being there not very supportive and not made to walking or running. They are fashion shoes and so they are made for fashion and not function.
  • Explain to them its not forever. If you give them a target or end point the are more likely to comply. Once they get used to them though chance are they will continue to wear them after their rehab period.
  • Explain that runners have great ventilation. They are design for sport and so have great ventilation to help keep your feet cooler
  • Explain thaty they protect your feet, preventing injuries that would occur in sandals such as you won’t get stones in them, they keep your feet clean and hygienic preventing infection, they protect your feet incase you have a fall or from kicking a step.
  • If they cant tie shoe laces, advise on nike fly ease, brooks addiction walker with Velcro, and using elastic laces.