How to determine your medial arch height

Arch heigh will depend on a few different things. Here are a few examples.

  1. Foot flexibility – the more flexible the foot the more it will adapt to the arch. Therefore you can prescribe it a little higher if needed without too much irritation
  2. Arch height – The height of there persons foot weight bearing to non weight bearing will have an influence of the arch. The more rigid the foot the less the arch will more when weight bearing. Therefore you may want less fill. If you have a foot that moves a lot then you may want a slightly higher arch fill.
  3. Pain and symptoms – The more pain and the more chronic the condition the more aggressive you may want the orthotics which would mean less arch fill
  4. The support of the shoes they are going into – the more supportive the shoe with more it will hold the foot in place on the orthotics. You therefore may require a less controlling orthotic and therefore want  and increase in arch fill / decrease in arch height.
  5. Compliance – The Higher the arch the longer it may take the person to adapt to the orthotics. If you know your client won’t like the bedding in. period you may want a less aggressive arch to increase  chance of compliance.
  6. Age – Kids will adapt to orthotics quicker and their bodies are more flexible, and heal quicker. Their parents will also help then through the adjustment period. Old clients can be more suborn, as well as reduced flexibility, and often strength and adaptability. Therefore age might com into how high you make your arch for adaptability purposes.

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