How does the HP 580 MJF printer work?

How does the HP 580 MJF printer work? HP MJF technology works very differently from most 3D printers. When you visualize a 3D printer you would think of a nozzel laying down melted filament a little like a cnc machine would grind out areas. Multi-jet fusion technology doesn’t use filament. It uses powder.


To start we need to design up the 3D models. Fitfoot 360 is our software of choice. We find this simple to use, great customer service, and they have edited their software to add color for us. We would highly recommend them.


After being designed the models are then put into packing software. This means that multiple sets of orthotics are organized to fit into the printer to allow multiple sets to be printed at once. The printer auto packs them depending on the specifications you want. ie. parts being 5mm apart.

Sending to print

After packing, just like your desktop printer, there is a send to print button. simply press that and off to the printer it goes. When doing this there are different options you can choose from. If you want to print without color, with color, The % fresh powder you want to use vs recycled powder, if you want it to auto reclaim powder or you want to do it manually, and more.


The printer works put simply by laying down layers of powder microns thick. This makes accuracy second to none. After the layer is put down a fusing carrage3 comes over it adding agents to help it set, ink to add color, and a very hot lamp to melt a fuse the powder where it needs fusing. Having a layer of powder to suspend the parts in place means there is no need for struts, and not much post-processing needed.

Collecting parts

Once the printing The machine then vibrates to release any free powder. It then reclaims this powder to minimize wastage. once this has finished the parts are collected. They are brushed off and cleaned. Any more spare powder from brushing them off is also reclaimed back into the machine to be used again.

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