Our everyday model has been tried and tested for years. Its perfect for any shoe with a removable insole. Choose your top cover length, arch fill, heel cup height, width and lots more. This will be your go to design for a durable comfortable orthotic. Taylor this custom orthotic for running, everyday comfort and support, offloading and more. This is available in 3D printed and EVA although we recommend 3D printed due to is durability, strength, customization and branding.


With a supportive heel cup, lateral arch and customization flex patterns you have all of the choices you will ever want or need. Need more options? Let us know and we can create more patterns cutouts and tailor to your needs.


    Both EVA and 3D depending on your clients needs circumstances and footwear type. 3D printed is recommended though due to extra customization options.


    With our color 3D printer put your clinics branding or logo on, upload an image for us to overlay or a texture for kids.

  • EVA

    Eva options are available in different densities. Alter your top cover to have different colors


    A standard orthotic outline with almost parallel boarders. A 12mm heel cup height is recommended but custom options are available, as well as widths, arch heights and much much more.


    We recommend a 3mm full length top cover for added cushioning and comfort. This stops the orthotic from slipping in the shoe and offers forefoot cushioning.


    We recommend full length top covers for the everyday model. Half length, sulcus length are available though. If you chose one of these options we recommend using 2mm covers.

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