From A podiatrist background we have found a dress model option is paramount to have within a podiatry clinic. There will always be time when your male or female clients wear fashion shoe. Many of these shoe’s don’t have much room within the toe box, a shallow heel counter, and no removable insole. This design is perfect foot those shoes.


Our Dress model orthotics are a slimline custom orthotic for shoes that a normal design just won’t fit into. A lower heel cup, tapered mid foot and slightly higher pitch will be perfect for your clients still wanting to dress up, and look fashionable, but still have support and offloading.


    Both EVA and 3D are available for this model type. Eva is recommended for shoes with a higher heel pitch
    (heel to toe offset)


    With our color 3D printer you can color match the insoles to your clients shoes. In case of EVA the options are more limited but top cover options are still available.

  • EVA

    In case you chose EVA, we recommend the medium density one for its durability, comfort and conforming shape possibilities.


    A slimline custom orthotic. Lower heel cup, tapered mid foot and slightly higher pitch.


    We recommend PU as your cover as it is very slimline or no cover at all. 2mm Eva can be used for shoe with a little more room and when a little more cushioning is needed


    We recommend half length as standard and sulcus length top covers if you wish to add any additions e.g. met domes. This is due to dress shoes not having enough room in the toe box. This again can be customized to anything you would like.

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