Now that full colour 3D printing is available. So is custom Custom Branded orthotics. With having full colour, we can now put your logos, or images onto the base of the orthotics. The are many advantages to doing this and will only benefit your business.

You wouldn’t go into apple to purchase a computer, and that computer not have any branding on. How else would people know who made the computer, where it came from, how they can contact those people, recommend the product to a friend, or return when the product needs updating.

This is a huge gap within the market and a lot of podiatrist miss out on it. Clients pulling out their orthotics when they need another set and having no idea where they got them from. I see it in my clinic all of the time.

This is an issue no more with Custom Branded Orthotics. The colour 3D printer allows you to overlay images onto the orthotics to make sure they never forget. This is also great for children. It’s hard enough getting children to wear something that is different, never mind something that orthopaedic and uncool. Being able to over lay images onto the bring a whole new level of customisation and is a huge sales point and compliance point.

It’s not just the insoles that you need to customise with us though. You can now customise packaging, and instructions. We offer a full tailored service for your clinic and have options to rebrand all of our material. This way your clients get a full customised clinic and orthotic experience. Check out the ones in the picture of the custom branded orthotics for Ace Health Centre.


If this is something that interests you please get in touch with us! Have more returning customers and increase your presence within podiatry today!