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Do you have any questions about using our app? Are you experiencing any issues? Take a look at our FAQs for your answers or, send us an email to info@motionx.com.au

Using the bar along the bottom of the screen, slide it until the area you want to scan is highlighted. Start scanning. At this point move closer and go slower. You will see the surfaces smooth out and become more accurate. This will then pick up less background. Click the link here to see a screen recording demo 

The apple scanner uses a high amount of RAM. This may cause it to crash. To resolve this close other app that are open.

It will take a while to pack everything into a zip file. The 3D models, images and videos are all large files and so take a while to pack.

Yes it works with mark 1 and mark 2


Simply go to your settings, press your name, go to ‘my subscriptions’, and cancel.


The first 2 weeks a free. After that it’s charged per month.

Yes. All your content is saved on your phone so you can access it anytime

Yes, you can export all files to a .zip folder.

You can have a custom skin for your orthotics lab or clinic. Contact us for more details.

  • Go to the files app on your iOS device.
  • Make a new folder and name it MotionX
  • Go to the motionX app, scan and get all of your data ready to export
  • Hit the export tab in the top right
  • Find the motionX file and save there.
  • Open the motionX website and login
  • Go to the New order tab then to the Custom 3D print tab
  • Click the upload button and find your .zip file in the motions folder.
  • See the video here for a screen record. 

On the software you are importing into please have the import size in cm not mm. Other design software may require different sizing. In which case open up the file with Microsoft 3d builder and change the files import sizing. Save the file and your ready to go

Yes! A folder is automatically made in your files folder. Your files are all auto-saved in there on iCloud.