MotionX is a premium 3D printing company. Offering 3D Printing Services, using an HP Multijet 3D printer. We are able to print 3D print samples or full functional working parts, with the highest detail and quality.

3d printing service


Our materials are environmentally friendly, heatproof up to 175 Degrees Celcius, watertight and have great chemical resistance. THe high print quality and detail allow you to fully customise every detail of your designs.

  • PA11 

    Nylon PA11 is a fine bioplastic polyamide powder that has a lower environmental impact, consumes less non-renewable resources to be produced, and has superior thermal resistance. In addition, PA11 is stable to light, UV, and weather. It is also characterised by good elasticity, high elongation at break and high impact resistance. It is great for prototype of final production parts.

  • Functional Prototyping
  • Spare Parts
  • Replacement Parts
  • Short-run manufacturing
  • Visual Aids
  • Jigs, Fixtures, Tooling Components
  • Molds and Patterns
  • Surgical Planning
  • Custom Helmets and Braces
3D printing PA (Nylon)
GOLD COAST 3D printing services

WHY MotionX?

We model and we print

Model your product with us. An efficient service located on the Gold Coast. Then once your design is done, bring that design to life by 3D printing it.

HP Jet Fusion’s combination of speed, strength, and physical properties changes all the rules of 3D printing. Parts that were previously impossible to create by machining or molding techniques are no longer part of your imagination. The ability to quickly produce quantities of real working parts and even part assemblies is a total game-changer and will revolutionize the way we print for years to come.


Working with us is so convenient and easy. We implemented a simple, three-step ordering process for efficient processing and quick turnaround times.