Just recently we have the pleaseure of 3D Printing AFO (Ankle Foot Orthotics). The very first full colour 3D printed orthotic in the world. Ability made are an orthotics service that help make different types of AFO’s for children.

Ability made use full foot and leg 3D scanning to create full 3D models of kids legs and feet. This is an accurate and fast technique for capturing and negative model over old fashioned plaster casting methods.

Helping children fit in the having something that stands out i hard. No child likes wearing braces or being different. Never mind wearing an AFO that stands out no matter what you do. Using full colour 3D printing they now have the option of have something that they can customise and that they can enjoy. Full colour 3D printing we can overlay images, photos, branding, logos, textures and more. With 3D printing the process can be fully customised with the shapes. Embosses, logos, tapers, divots, holes and whatever your computer skills can bring.

Having this capability means that the children are much more likely to enjoy their AFO, and think that they are cool. A texture from their favourite superhero could have them thinking they can run faster, and iron man texture to have them think the are as strong as iron. All of these things help with making children happy and keeping them compliant.

3D Printing AFO (Ankle Foot Orthotics) are available now. Just send us the file and we can have it back to you.