3 best iPhone 3D scanning apps

With technology getting better we are at the stage where you dont need to buy a 3D scanner. They are now built into existing products. We are going to share with you our 3 best iPhone 3D scanning apps.

iPhone’s and iPad’s with the facial recognition now have the ability to 3D scan. It something that apple does not include in their current software, but i am sure it will some point soon. There is a push forward in AR technology, and app integration. This will continue to improve as time goes on. Right now apples LiDar scanner does not have a high enough resolution to be able to 3D scan. Lucky though the iDepth scanner does. In fact it has a 0.5mm accuracy at its best! Thats more than good enough to produce models detailed enough for most uses. Especially custom orthotics and prosthetics.

The only other option you have currently is the structure scanner which we also currently sell. This is a great option for people who do not have an iPad or iPhone with the facial recognition technology. The main advantages are that you can see the screen from behind when scanning, and that you can purchase brackets for it to fit any iPad of iPhone. The down side is that its bulky, drains the battery of you iPad or iPhone, and its expensive. Over all your much better off just buying a new iPad with a facial recognition and selling your old one. This saves you money, time, and is more practical.

What are the best iPhone 3D scanning apps

So, now you have you iPad or iPhone with 3D scanner. What app do you use? Here are 3 best iPhone 3D scanning apps.


MotionX 3D scanning app

Of course ours was going to make the list. Originally made for custom orthotics and prosthetics, our 3D scanning app can actually scan anything. Easy to use, save your scans and easy export to stl files. Save your scan under a name so when you got back to export them you know which one to export. View your scans, add images and videos to the file if you want. This is free for 2 weeks, then $19.99 per month for unlimited exports.



Our second pic is Heges. One of the cheapest available. Scan in black and white or in colour. Export to STL or OBJ. Easy to use although the interface could use some improvement. Its has AR capabilities although that technology still needs improvement. This app still does a great job with whaat it has. Pay by month or pay for a year.


Scandy pro

And our 3rd pic. The most expensive out of all of them and for a good reason. More work has gone into this than all of the others. It has been around for the longest. Pay per week, month or year. Scandy has an easy to use interface with colour or mono scanning. Export to PLY, OBJ, STL, USDZ, GLB. Its also kept up to date with online help, videos and options.